Rouis Announces Solid Waste Review Committee   

(Monticello) — Chairman Rouis announced Thursday the formation of a Select Committee to review the Solid Waste User Fee schedule adopted last December.

The Solid Waste Review Committee will be chaired by Legislature Vice Chairman Elwin "Woody” Wood will be comprised of Legislators Hiatt, Sager and Sorensen, as well as County Treasurer Ira J. Cohen, County Manager David P. Fanslau, County Attorney Sam Yasgur, Real Property Tax Director Lynda Levine, Jeremy Gorelich, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce and representatives from the Supervisors, County Tax Collectors, and County Assessors Associations.

The immediate charge of the Select Committee will be to review the Real Property Class Codes and the assigned Solid Waste User Fee, particularly of the non-residential property class codes, to recommend reductions to current Solid Waste User Fees, and to expand the Solid Waste User Fee schedule to more equitably assign charges to the various Real Property Class Codes and sub-codes.

The Committee will also review the work that was completed by staff on the possibility of creating either a Solid Waste District, or a Solid Waste Authority, to fund the Solid Waste System. The Solid Waste System is separated into a Special Revenue Fund that will prevent any funds generated by either the tipping fee, per bag fee, or direct-billed user fee from being used to fund any other part of the County Budget.

The Committee is also committed to review reducing the fees assessed to volunteer and emergency first responder organizations.

“The Legislature made a commitment last December to revisit the Solid Waste User Fee schedule,” said Rouis. “The County has an obligation to repay outstanding debt associated with the Solid Waste System, and to review and revise the revenue model to fund the Solid Waste System.”

“The Select Committee will be charged with completing its initial review of the Solid Waste User Fee schedule in 90 days,” said Rouis. “Thereafter, the Select Committee shall complete its review of the revenue model, and submit a report with recommendations on further revisions to the Solid Waste User Fee Local Law, the creation of a Solid Waste District or a Solid Waste Authority, and the appropriate level of Solid Waste services to be provided by the County Government,” concluded Rouis.

For more information please contact, Ann Marie Marlin, Clerk of the Legislature, (845) 807-0435.


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