County Reduces Solid Waste User Fee for Non-Residential Properties   

(Monticello) - The Sullivan County Legislature adopted a series of resolutions to reduce the Solid Waste User Fee on non-residential properties for 2010.  The action will change certain real property tax bills for 2010 that will be reprinted and sent to affected property owners.

"The action today is the beginning of a dialogue to continue to perfect a revenue model to fund the all-in expenses of the Solid Waste System,” said Legislature Chairman Jonathan F. Rouis.  “The Solid Waste User Fee was implemented as a more equitable mechanism to ensure that 100 percent of the users of the system pay for the system, rather than the eighty percent of taxable real property through increases to the property tax levy,” Rouis added.

“We know we have a lot more to do, but this is a good start, and this will move us in a good direction for a fairer billing process,” said Minority Leader Leni C. Binder.

Sullivan County has transformed the Solid Waste System into an exportation system, after the County landfill reached capacity in December 2009.  There remains a nearly $40 million outstanding debt associated with the landfill and solid waste system that requires an annual $4.5 million payment through 2022, as well as, a $1.2 million post-closure care costs of the landfill for at least a thirty year period.

The following action was adopted:

  1. All property owned by a Town or Village government would pay a single direct-billed user fee of $850.
  2. Each Volunteer Ambulance and each Fire Service would pay $84.95 for all of the parcels owned by each such Volunteer Ambulance and/or Fire Service.
  3. Each recognized Religious Corporation/Entity owning a parcel of land which only contains a single house of worship and a single residence for a clergyperson, or a single house of worship would pay $84.95.
  4. Recognized Veterans' organizations would pay $84.95 on improved real property owned by the organization.
  5. Cultural facilities or museums would pay $84.95.
  6. Camps, Cottages, and Bungalows would pay either a per unit charge up to $850, or an $850 per parcel fee.
  7. The four non-residential commercial categories would pay $300 per parcel, as opposed to the graduated scale of $350, $450, $650, or $850.

For more information please contact, David P. Fanslau, County Manager, (845) 807-0450.


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