County Responds to Solid Waste Fee "Frequently Asked Questions”   

(Monticello) — Sullivan County Manager David Fanslau has released a list of Solid Waste Fee “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” and answers.  The FAQ sheet addresses the most common questions received from public inquiries in the County Manager's Office.

Fanslau said, “The County is aware that there has been confusion surrounding the new Solid Waste Fee.  As we take the necessary steps to improve and perfect the new system, we must do everything in our power to clarify the existing fee to Sullivan County property owners.  I would like our residents to know that we are doing everything in our power to be as transparent and responsive as possible in working through the implementation of the Solid Waste fee.”

If the Solid Waste Fee were not implemented, the County would have had to raise an additional $5.7 million through the property tax levy to pay for outstanding debt service associated with the Solid Waste System and the post-closure care costs of the closed landfill.  That would have resulted in an additional 12.5% increase to the County"s property tax levy in 2010 or 18.3% total, as opposed to the Solid Waste Fee of $84.95 for residential properties and $300 for non-residential properties.

Sullivan County has transformed the Solid Waste System into an exportation system, after the County landfill reached capacity in December 2009.  There remains a nearly $36 million outstanding debt associated with the landfill and solid waste system that requires an annual $4.5 million payment through 2022, as well as, a $1.2 million post-closure care costs of the landfill for at least a thirty year period.  The Solid Waste Fee was developed to pay for these costs and prevent their subsidy from the property tax levy.

In past years (1994 – 2004), when the County was actively involved with importation of Solid Waste, a debt-service reserve was not established to fund the full debt associated with the Solid Waste System.

2010 User Fee FAQ Sheet (126 Kb PDF)

2010 Solid Waste Appeals Form (110 Kb PDF)

For more information about this press release, please contact David Fanslau, County Manager, at 845-807-0450.


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