Free Tick Bite Prevention Signs for Parks and Trails, Playgrounds and Campgrounds   

(Liberty, NY 4:15pm) - With warmer weather arriving, we look forward to spending more of our time outdoors. Sullivan County Public Health Services would like to remind everyone that with warmer weather comes tick season. While ticks are capable of spreading several different diseases, there are many ways we can reduce our risk of tick bites and exposure to tick-borne illness.

We can reduce the tick habitat around our homes by doing the following:

Keep lawns mowed and edges trimmed
Keep leaves raked
Stack woodpiles neatly and away from the house, preferably off the ground
Place a 3 foot barrier of gravel or wood chips between lawns and wooded areas
Keep playground equipment, decks and patios away from trees and in the sun
Remove any old furniture, mattresses or trash from the yard
Keep ground under bird feeders clean so as to not attract small animals into the yard that may have ticks

While we are outside, there are also ways we can reduce our chance of getting bit by a tick. Follow these guidelines to help protect you and your family:

Walk in the center of trails, avoiding contact with overgrown grass, brush, and leaf litter
Wear light colored clothing with a tight weave
Wear enclosed shoes, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt
Tuck pants into socks or boots
Tuck shirt into pants
Avoid sitting directly on the ground or stonewalls
Keep long hair tied back, especially while gardening
Bathe or shower as soon as possible after being outside; within 2 hours if possible
Do a final, full-body tick check at the end of each day. This should also include children and pets that have spent time outdoors

To further remind everyone using outdoor spaces of the importance of tick safety, Public Services has heavy gauge plastic and metal signs available on a first-come, first-served basis for posting in visible, high traffic public areas, such as parks, playgrounds, hiking trails, campgrounds and athletic facilities. There is no fee for these signs however, we do request a commitment to hang the signs in visible locations, and pictures of the signs hung in their locations be sent to Public Health so we may catalog the location of these signs. If you would like to request a sign, please contact Public Health Services at (845) 292-5910, ext. 2243.

In addition to these signs, Public Health Services also has educational materials available on tick bite prevention and tick-borne illnesses. Public Health staff are available for informational presentations to groups on ways to prevent tick bites and reducing the risks of tick-borne illness. For more information, call Public Health Services at (845) 292-5910, ext. 2243.

See picture of signs below:

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