Sullivan County Authorizes Agreement for Purchase of Hydro Electricity   

(Monticello, NY) - Sullivan County Manager Joshua Potosek is pleased to announce the authorization of a remote net metering agreement with Gravity Renewables that will provide Sullivan County with the ability to purchase a substantial portion of its electricity supply directly from a hydroelectric plant in upstate New York.

The hydroelectric plant will generate approximately 4,000,000 kWh of clean, renewable electricity per year, which is equivalent to nearly 45% of the County’s total annual electric needs. The County will reap the benefits of stabilized and reduced energy costs, with significant savings during the 20 year term of the agreement.

“This project represents a true win-win situation for County residents,” said Potosek. “Having the ability to reaffirm the County’s commitment to a sustainable future while also reducing our day to day operating costs is an outcome that we can all enjoy. I applaud the Sullivan County Legislature for taking action on this exciting initiative.”

Luiz A. Alvarez, Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature, said, “This is a remarkable and unique opportunity that has presented itself to our County and its residents. When people visit Sullivan County the first thing they note is its stunning natural beauty and clean environment. I am pleased to be able to support a project that works toward a future that protects those attributes while reducing and stabilizing costs to the taxpayer.”

Catherine Owens, Chairwoman of the Agriculture and Sustainability Policy Committee, said, “We are very happy to announce the contract between Gravity Renewables and Sullivan County for Hydro-electric energy using remote net metering. The contract has been reviewed by MEGA and by our attorneys, and it promises to further our goal of substantially reducing our energy footprint along with our cost. We only adopted our Climate Action Plan in 2014 and have already exceeded several of our goals.”

“Sullivan County is moving towards the clean energy future and utilizing one of upstate New York’s great natural resources,” said Ted Rose, CEO of Gravity Renewables. “New York is rich in sustainable small and micro hydro facilities, many of which are historic, but in need of repairs.  Long-term agreements like this help preserve these historic resources by encouraging re-investment.”

The County will have the option of extending the agreement for an additional five years at the end of the initial 20 year term.  Potosek said, “The County will continue to explore options to reduce its energy usage, reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, and ultimately reduce costs to its residents.”

About Gravity Renewables

Gravity Renewables is a leading national owner, operator and developer of small hydroelectric power plants. Small hydropower provides predictable, reliable, affordable clean energy that’s locally produced. By making a long-term commitment to these neighborhood facilities, Gravity restores and conserves important historical sites, employs local operators and promotes educational and recreational opportunities in the communities it serves. Gravity currently has more than 34 MW of hydroelectric projects operating and under development across the country. For more information please visit or contact us at 303.440.3378. Follow Gravity Renewables on Twitter or Facebook.

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