SULLIVAN COUNTY SEEKING ASSISTANCE IN ESTABLISHING A LAND BANK Professionals Needed to Serve on Land Bank Board, and Letters of Support Needed for NYS Approval   

(Monticello, NY 12:50pm) -

Sullivan County is preparing an application to New York State Empire State Development for approval to establish a Land Bank, and is seeking interested members of the community to volunteer on its Board of Directors.  Land banks are government-created not-for-profit corporations established to acquire and stabilize vacant, abandoned and derelict properties. After eliminating barriers to redevelopment, land banks transfer properties to responsible ownership and productive use in accordance with local land use goals and priorities.  Sullivan County’s application will propose a County-wide land bank with an initial focus of activity on the Villages of Monticello and Liberty.

Candidates for the Land Bank Board should have professional experience in such relevant fields as banking and finance, law, land development, not-for-profit community development, real estate, and the construction trades.  They should be passionate about improving neighborhoods and reducing blight, and be prepared to contribute their time and talents to making the organization successful.  Business and community members will join County and Village officials for monthly meetings on a Board of up to 11 members, each serving an initial term of at least two years.  All Board members will be precluded from doing business with the Land Bank, either as a contractor providing professional services or as a developer acquiring property.

Individuals wishing to be considered for a seat on the Land Bank Board should submit a letter of interest and resume by Friday June 3, 2016 to the County Manager’s office at 100 North Street, PO Box 5012, Monticello, NY 12701. 

Community organizations and potential project partners are also encouraged to contribute to the success of the County’s land bank application by providing a letter of support to be included with the County’s submission. Support letters may be addressed to Josh Potosek, County Manager, 100 North Street, PO Box 5012, Monticello, NY 12701.

"I support the concept of the land bank to stabilize neighborhoods, but recognize its success will hinge on Village government amending Zoning Laws to prevent the conversion of single-family homes into multi-family apartments.  I would like to see the land bank used to attract more first time homebuyers to the Village and to renovate mixed use buildings so they are suitable for new businesses,” said Alan J. Sorensen, Majority Leader and Chairman of Planning, Environmental Management and Real Property Committee.

The proposed Sullivan County Land Bank Corporation would be a tool to help correct market deficiencies and encourage neighborhood reinvestment, complementing other strategies and activities such as code enforcement, zoning updates, planning and community.   For more information about the Land Bank please call the Division of Planning and Environmental Management at 845-807-0527. 

For more information about this press release, please contact Josh Potosek, County Manager, at 845-807-0450.

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