County Manager Solicits Input on Lean Government from County Employees   

(Monticello) – County Manager David P. Fanslau announced that he has sent a memorandum to all County employees requesting their input into reviewing and reforming County systems and processes.

“The time has arrived when we must collectively develop and engage a new paradigm for delivering the County government services that our residents have come to expect and deserve.  I am writing to all County employees to request your input into our systems and processes, and I encourage you to offer suggestions that you may have on streamlining how your office or department may deliver those services,” Fanslau wrote.

The solicitation of input from County employees is generated from the NYSAC hosted webinar that focused on Lean Government.  One of the suggestions from that webinar that will be developed and employed is “value stream mapping”.  This process suggests that the requirements of a system or process be “mapped” to determine its value to the user community along the stream of checkpoints that the system or process engages.  Once that is complete, then a determination would be made as to whether the system or process is mandatory, necessary, or redundant; and reconciled with what value to the user community a particular system or process provides, along with the impact to the General Fund.

“There are many processes that we collectively continue to produce in paper form that could easily be converted to an electronic form or process.  We are in the process of reviewing a number of the County’s internal systems and processes, which will be the first area of value stream mapping.  However, I also invite your suggestions for external processes that will make a more positive experience for our citizenry to engage their County government, from interacting via the internet to permitting certain transactions via email.

You serve the County on the front lines, by interacting daily with members of the general public.  Therefore, your input into a process to review and reform our systems and processes, with the ultimate goal of making them more effective and efficient, is essential,” Fanslau wrote.

“The fiscal reality that the County faces in 2011 will likely require that the County government spend less in 2011 than the amount appropriated in 2010.  Therefore, it is imperative that the County utilizes systems and resources that provide the greatest benefit to the General Fund, and most importantly to the County’s Citizenry,” Fanslau concluded.

For information about the release, please contact David P. Fanslau, 845-807-0450.

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