Samuelson creates Strategic Plan Review sub-committee   

(Monticello, NY 2:00 PM) – Scott B. Samuelson, Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature has created a sub-committee of the Legislature’s Executive Committee to review the County’s strategic plan. “I have created the Strategic Plan Review sub-committee in an effort to keep the public engaged with the County’s priorities and the challenges that face the County”, said Samuelson.

The strategic plan, as described in the Charter, will establish the recommended programs and fiscal priorities of the County. “Essentially, the strategic plan will set the foundation of the County’s budget for 2013 and 2014. The adopted strategic plan will be overlaid by the to-be adopted and updated six-year capital plan, which will provide certain policy directives to the County Manager in the formulation of the tentative budget,” added Samuelson.

During the review of the strategic plan, there will be a focus on the mandates, particularly the unfunded and underfunded mandates imposed on the Sullivan County government by the federal government and the State of New York. The County Legislature will examine the mandates as they impact a minimum staffing level, such as the number of corrections officers that must be employed in the County jail; and minimum services levels, such as the timeframe when determinations must be made on applications for social services.

The Strategic Plan Review sub-committee will be Chaired by Gene Benson, Vice-Chairman of the Legislature, and he will be joined by Legislators Cora Edwards, Cindy Kurpil Gieger, and Kitty Vetter. This sub-committee will meet weekly commencing on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM, and continue through June 12, 2012. The meetings of the Strategic Plan Review sub-committee will be open to the public, and the schedule will be posted. There will be a progress report from the sub-committee at the regularly scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee in April and May, with their final report at the June 14, 2012 meeting of the Executive Committee. There will also be at least two formal public hearings on the strategic plan, which will be set during our processes in April.

“The adoption of the strategic plan will be a significant undertaking and the beginning of the Legislature’s responsibility toward adopting a six-year capital plan, and ultimately adopting a County budget for 2013”, concluded Samuelson.


For more information, contact Chairman Scott Samuelson at 845-807-0435
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