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Person using magnifying glass for review

Charter Review Commission

Note: The most recent Charter Review Commission has concluded its activities. Its final report is available here.


It is the legislative intent of this Charter to provide for the orderly government and management of the County of Sullivan. It is also the intent of this Charter to provide for a government that is efficient, effective, accountable, inclusive, open, and environmentally and fiscally responsible. Consistent with this intent, this Charter allocates duties and responsibilities in County Government. This Charter will:

  1. Secure All Possible Home Rule

  2. Separate Legislative and Administrative Functions in County Government

  3. Increase Communication with the Public Concerning Management of the County and Encourage Public Participation in County Governance

  4. Reduce Conflicts and the Potential for Conflicts Between the Various Branches and Departments of Government and Between Government Employees and the Private Sector

  5. Encourage Flexibility in the Organizational Structures of County Government 

Resolution 448 of 2014


Paul Burckard
Norman Sutherland
Brian McPhillips
Bill Liblick
Bruce Ferguson
Steve Altman
Ken Walter
Sara Sprague
Larry Richardson
Peg Harrison
Sandra Johnson Fields
Michael Levinson
J.J. Hanson