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Sullivan County Agricultural Advisory Board

The Sullivan County Agriculture Advisory Board was formed in August 2012. The mission of the board is to ensure that there is accurate information in Sullivan County about agriculture, associated businesses and infrastructure (processing, distribution and marketing) to allow for effective policies and programs. The board will work with the county, state and federal legislators on policy issues while identifying high priority projects such as the meat processing plant, the dairy processing facility, farm viability, grants, funding, training, outreach and the creation of a local food hub.

“The goal of the Agricultural Advisory Board is to identify new and expanding agricultural endeavors, prioritize projects and aggressively seek funding to make them work. The board brings together those in the county with agricultural expertise to work closely with anyone interested in expanding or starting a farming operation” said Cindy Gieger, Chair of the Sullivan County Agricultural and Sustainability Committee and member of the Agricultural Advisory Board.

To learn more about the Ag Advisory Board or to participate, please contact the Division of Planning at (845) 807-0527.

October 29th 2012 Meeting Agenda
November 26th 2012 Meeting Agenda
January 14th 2013 Meeting Agenda