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Foreclosures/Surplus Funds


Recent changes to the New York State Real Property Tax Law now provides that “any person who had any right, title, interest, claim, lien or equity of redemption in or upon a parcel immediately prior to the issuance of the judgment of foreclosure may file a claim with the court having jurisdiction for a share of any surplus resulting from the sale of such property.”

The Sullivan County Treasurer’s Office is currently working on the process for making claims for surplus with the NYS Court system.  Once the process has been established, former owners will be advised of their right to claim the surplus from the sale of their property, if any.

Creditors should consult with an attorney to determine what, if anything, they need to do in order to protect their interest into any surplus funds.

The Treasurer’s Office will update this website when more information comes available.



New York State Non-Profit Housing Counseling Agencies Providing Services to Homeowners in Default and Foreclosure.  The following are government-approved housing counseling agencies in Sullivan County which provide free counseling:





Rural Sullivan Housing Corp.

33 Lakewood Ave

Monticello, NY 12701


Legal Services of Hudson Valley

309 East Broadway

Monticello, NY 12701


Ext. 200


You can also visit the Department of Financial Services website: New York State Non-Profit Housing Counseling Agencies | Department of Financial Services (

You can also call the NYS Office of the Attorney General's Homeowner Protection Program (HOPP) toll-free consumer hotline to be connected to free housing counseling or legal services in our area at 1-855-HOME-456 (1-855-466-3456), or visit their website:  HomeownerHelpNY

WARNING:  Qualified free help is available; watch out for companies or people who charge a fee for these services. Housing counselors from New York-based agencies listed on the website above are trained to help homeowners who are having problems making their tax payments and can help you find the best option for your situation.

If you wish, you may also contact the Treasurer’s Office directly to discuss possible payment plans and other options.

Under a recently adopted New York State law, at the commencement of our foreclosure proceeding, we will be required to send you a notice to inform you that you are at risk of losing your home.  A complete copy of that notice can be found by clicking HERE

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