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Garnet Health Assures Legislators It's Committed to Sullivan County

Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills, Harris Campus

Monticello, NY – In a meeting with legislators this month, Garnet Health leaders reaffirmed their commitment to continue providing healthcare services to Sullivan County.

Following up on a discussion with legislators last November, Garnet Health CEO Jonathan Schiller and Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills CEO Jerry Dunlavey noted that while there have been financial challenges for the nonprofit operator of Sullivan County’s two hospitals, providers’ offices and urgent care, Garnet Health will not be departing Sullivan County and, in fact, is actively planning a new facility to one day replace the aging hospital located in Harris.

"Garnet Health Medical Center – Catskills has deep roots in Sullivan County and our commitment has never wavered,” says Jerry Dunlavey, Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills CEO. “We feel strongly about the community we have been serving for decades and we will continue to serve Sullivan County for years to come.”

“While Garnet Health’s Middletown campus provides needed regional services, it’s absolutely imperative that Sullivan County continue to be served by a local medical center like Garnet Health Medical Center-Catskills,” notes Sullivan County Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty. “Our health rankings, our less affluent workforce, and our growing tourism levels demand that we have a facility capable of immediate, on-site treatment of injuries, accidents and day-to-day health concerns.”

“I’m grateful we have an open line of communication with Garnet Health and that they’re receptive to the concerns of the Legislature and the needs of the community,” says District 2 Legislator Nadia Rajsz, who has spent her career in the health field. “It’s apparent that they do want to work with us to continue to provide very much-needed healthcare in Sullivan County. We cannot be without a provider of hospital-level services.”

“I’m glad Garnet Health continues to place a priority on communicating with us,” adds Legislature Vice Chair Mike Brooks. “Our constituents expect that we remain open and proactive with one another, and the County will continue to monitor and, where appropriate, assist with Garnet Health’s plans to enhance its presence and services in Sullivan County.”

“It was a very educational meeting with them, and I came away from it pleased with what I heard,” affirms District 4 Legislator Nick Salomone, who chairs the Legislature’s Health & Human Services Committee. “I do believe they remain committed to the County.”

“We had a positive conversation, with questions openly asked and openly answered,” remarks District 5 Legislator George Conklin. “We can look forward to partnering with them on improving and expanding their offerings in Sullivan.”

“When my late wife was ill and we visited other hospitals, we waited and waited and waited. Not so at Garnet Health-Catskills,” recalls District 6 Legislator Luis Alvarez. “Even when we did telemedicine with Garnet Health-Catskills, they always knew exactly what my wife was dealing with, and they did an incredible job. I will always be grateful to their team for their attention and care.”

“Our hospital is very important for our community, not only as an asset but as a crucial part of our quality of life,” notes District 7 Legislator Joe Perrello. “I’m glad to know of their strong commitment and plans to grow, and we’re ready to assist them as needed. I look forward to welcoming them to future Legislature meetings as their plans progress.”

“We are lucky to have a hospital serving our rural region, and I’m pleased to hear they’re not going anywhere,” says District 8 Legislator Ira Steingart. “I’ve personally used their services many times, and I’ve always been treated well. It’s critical those kinds of services continue in Sullivan County.”