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Repurchase Deadline for Tax-Foreclosed Properties, Tax Auction Are in November

Monticello, NY – The 2022 Sullivan County Real Estate Tax Foreclosure Auction was rescheduled by a unanimous vote of the Legislature yesterday based upon public feedback. As a result, legislators are allowing foreclosed property owners to repurchase their properties by 5 p.m. on November 1.

“Since the redemption period had passed, we had to take legislative action in order to postpone the auction,” Legislature Chairman Robert A. Doherty explained. “The Treasurer’s Office and Real Property Advisory Board work diligently and scrupulously follow the law amidst sometimes gut-wrenching circumstances. We simply feel that it is in the best interests of taxpayers to provide additional opportunity to repurchase their properties.”

People wishing to repurchase their foreclosed parcels must – by close of business on November 1 – pay all delinquent taxes, along with a fee equal to 5% of the property’s full market value, plus 10% of the current property taxes due and owing, and all closing costs necessary to transfer title from the County back to the previous owner. In addition, pursuant to the legislative resolution, those wishing to repurchase must provide proof of payment of current village (if applicable) and school taxes.

Payment will only be accepted via guaranteed funds payable to the County Treasurer’s Office. The exact amount due can be obtained from the Treasurer’s Office by calling 845-807-0200.

As a result of this legislative action, the tax auction has been pushed back from September 21-22 to November 16-17. Sullivan County Treasurer Nancy Buck urges potential bidders to register before 4 p.m. Monday, November 14 at Registrants will receive a packet via email explaining the terms and conditions of the auction, along with the foreclosure process and associated liens. A bidders’ seminar is available to watch online, as well.

“Interested bidders should ensure they’ve done their homework: personally viewed the property or properties, checked for outstanding liens and assessments like water and sewer, and are familiar with the auction terms and conditions, particularly the taxes and fees for which they will be immediately responsible upon placement of a successful bid or bids,” Buck reminded.

All sales are subject to final approval by the Sullivan County Legislature.

More information can be obtained at The County Treasurer’s Office also welcomes inquiries at 845-807-0200.