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Round Out a Mountain Trip with Some Songs in the Round!

Alaska, 1906

Hurleyville, NY – In 1994, the Frederick Cook Society organized an expedition to retrace the route Dr. Cook, a Sullivan County native, used to climb Mount Denali in Alaska. The expedition was led by Ted Heckathorn, and included the late Scott Fischer and Vern Tejas, two of the world’s most gifted mountain climbers. 

Carol Smith recently spoke by phone with Heckathorn about the results, who told her, “Scott Fischer photographed Dr. Cook’s route from the foot of the Ruth Glacier to the Thayer Basin. During my last visit with Scott shortly before he left for Mt. Everest, he told me, ‘I stood where Cook stood on the ridge and I matched him. I looked up the same ridge and saw the route to the top. It was doable.’ This was the testimony of one of the greatest mountaineers of our time, who had the physical courage to climb Mt. Everest, K2 and most of the major peaks in the world. He also displayed the moral courage to speak out on this issue, despite the wrath of Dr. Cook’s virulent enemies.”

On Sunday, March 3, at 2 p.m., Cook Society Executive Director Carol Smith will present an exhibition of Mount Denali photos, along with a brief talk on this expedition. A performance by Little Sparrow and friends will follow.

The event is free and takes place at the Sullivan County Museum, 265 Main Street, Hurleyville. Call 845-434-8044 for more information or visit