County Corrects Solid Waste User Fee Billing   

(Monticello) - County Manager David Fanslau took administrative action Wednesday to correct solid waste user fee billings that were erroneously issued.  The Solid Waste User Fee Local Law was not intended to be applied to vacant land; however, certain real property class codes were erroneously billed.

"The specific real property class codes that are to be corrected will be removed from the warrants of the Town Tax Collectors, and corrected bills will be issued”, said Fanslau.  This action will preempt any unnecessary charges or fees associated with the real property class codes that were erroneously billed.

The Solid Waste User Fee schedule was approved by the County Legislature in December 2009, and was effective for fiscal/calendar year 2010.  The Solid Waste User Fee generates revenues to fund the Solid Waste System, and is applied to all real property parcels that have improvements on them, including parcels that are exempt from the real property tax system.  In past years, the County's Property Taxpayers subsidized the Solid Waste System through the County"s General Fund.

There has been a Special Revenue Fund established to fund the all-in costs of the Solid Waste System of the County.  This Special Revenue Fund was created to prevent the use of the proceeds for any other purpose but for costs directly associated with the Solid Waste System.

“Many years ago, the County issued bonds to fund the Solid Waste System; however, during those years a debt service reserve was not established.  The landfill has reached capacity, but there remains a $40 million debt to be repaid through 2022, as well as, about $1.2 million in annual post-closure costs that the County will have to fund for a thirty year period,” Fanslau said.  The Solid Waste User Fee will partially fund the expenses of the Solid Waste System, with the remainder funded through disposal fees at the Transfer Stations and convenience centers.

The County has executed an agreement with IESI Corporation to manage a portion of the Solid Waste System.  The County Landfill in Monticello is now closed, having reached capacity.

All Municipal and Commercial haulers will utilize the Ferndale Transfer Station Monday through Friday, on an interim basis, until Commercial haulers may be received at the Mamakating Station, and until the centralized Transfer Station is constructed in Monticello.

New Operating Hours for 2010: 

The operating schedule for the Convenience and Transfer Stations for 2010 is as follows:

 Convenience Centers:


-Open to Residential Waste Only

-Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 7:45am - 2:45pm

 Western Sullivan:

-Open to Residential Waste Only

-Wednesday and Saturday, 7:45am – 2:45pm


-Open to Residential Waste Only

-Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 7:45 – 2:45pm

Monticello (Landfill):

-Open to Residential Waste Only

-Monday – Friday, 7:45AM – 2:45PM, Saturday 7:45AM – 12PM


Transfer Stations:


-Temporarily Open to Residential Customers Only, Will be Open to Municipal Sanitation Departments and Commercial Waste Haulers in Early 2010

-Wednesday and Sunday, 7:45am - 2:45pm


-Open to Residential Customers, Municipal Sanitation Departments and Commercial Waste Haulers Monday – Friday, 7:45AM-2:45PM (scales close at 2:30PM) and Sundays 7:45AM-10AM for non-residential and 7:45AM – 2:45AM for residential customers

Special Notices (Including Pricing Changes):

The Ferndale Transfer Station will no longer be accepting cash, effective January 18, 2010. Only coupons, checks or money orders will be accepted at this location.

Existing coupons may be used through February 1, 2010, at which point the coupons must be used in denominations commensurate with the per bag fee, or turned in for new coupons reflecting the current per bag price.

Coupons may be purchased at any of the transfer or convenience stations throughout Sullivan County, but only checks or money orders will be accepted as payment.

The following rates are only applicable for Sullivan County residents. Out-of-county residents seeking to use the Solid Waste system must pay the $85 solid waste user fee to access the system.

Please take note of changes in Solid Waste Disposal Fees, Effective January 1, 2010:

The tipping fee for Municipal Solid Waste at Sullivan County Transfer stations equipped with scales will change from $75 to $85.

Please take note that Sullivan County will no longer accept commercially-generated roll-off containers with construction and demolition debris until further notice. The tipping fee for residential-generated Construction and Demolition Debris and Bulky Waste at Sullivan County Transfer Station in Ferndale equipped with scales: $125 per ton.

Please take note of changes in Solid Waste Disposal Fees, Effective February 2, 2010:

Individual Bag Fee for Non-Clear Bags:  $4.00 per bag

Individual Bag Fee for Clear Bags (containing no recyclables):  $2.00 per bag

The following real property class codes have been removed administratively from the Solid Waste User Fee billing:

474 Billboards
653 Gov Parking Lot
734 Wells (Junk)
822 Public Services (Water Supply)
823 Water Treatment Facilities
830 Communication(Radio, TV, CATV prop)
831 Telephone land, bldgs, towers, etc
832 Telegraph
833 Radio
834 Television
835 CATV (bldgs, land, towers, etc)
836 Telephone outside plant
837 Cell Towers
842 Ceiling Railroad
843 Non-Ceiling Railroad
845 Water (Canal)
846 Bridges, tunnels, subways
850 Waste Disposal
852 Landfills and Dumps
853 Sewage Treatment
860 Special Franchise Property
861 Electric and Gas
862 Water
866 Telephone
867 Misc
868 Pipelines
869 Television
870 Electric and Gas (Facility)
871 Electric and Gas (Facility)
872 Electric Substation
873 Gas Measuring and Regulation Station
874 Electric Power Generation Facility - Hydro
882 Electric Transmission Imp
883 Gas Transmission Imp
884 Electric Distribution - Outside Plant Property
885 Gas Distribution - Outside Plant Property
695 Cemeteries
900 Wild, Forest, Consv Lands, Public Parks
910 Pvt Wild Forest
911 Forest Land under Sect 480 RPTL
912 Forest Land under Sect 480-a RPTL
930 State Owned Forest Land
931 State Owned Forest Land in Adir/Catskills 532-a RPTL
932 State Owned Forest Land in Adir/Catskills 532-bcdefg RPTL
940 Reforested Land
941 State Owned Reforested Land
970 Other Wild or Conservation Lands
971 Wetlands Pvt or Govt
972 Land under water Pvt or Govt
993 Transition Assessments



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